S9220 Black Leather






Item number
S9220 Black Leather
Very Fine Signature Series
Manufacturer number
S9220 Black Leather
3.0 lbs
Angel Manubag

mother' day gift

I saw someone else wearing these and thought they were the cutest thing ever! I put it on my wishlist and my husband ended up buying them for me for mother's day. Love the additional discount received. Definitely buying more

Jazmin Maranan

mailing list discounts

If you haven't already signed up for their mailing list, you need to right away! Received a discount code for labor day weekend and ended up buying all 3 pairs I had on my cart. Love the fit and this brand. Definitely high quality and at a good discounted price.Thank you exotic salsa.

Astrid Lou


I really like these shoes! They are comfortable and supportive without being to heavy

Carolina Pacheco

Very Fine brand

very fine shoes never let me down. I own several, and this style is really fun.