6819FT Flesh Satin






Item number
6819FT Flesh Satin
Very Fine Classic Series Flat Heel Edition
Manufacturer number
6819FT Flesh Satin
4.0 lbs
Lea Kank

I prefer a low heel because I'm older.

Loved these shoes almost like a flat. !They broke in at my normal size after 2-3 wears.

Martha Pierce

Will exchange for a higher heel.

Unfortunately, it's TOO flat for me. I need some heel lift for comfort. Otherwise, this shoe is perfect. Comfortable, and super feminine.

Susi La Jolla

good fit

They are so comfy & fit like a glove! I didn't have to break them in. Worn twice so far and they good so far.

Dylana Segovia

Good practice shoes for me.

WOW these are probably the most comfortable practice shoes I've tried on. They actually have support!