SERA1311 Dark Tan Satin






Item number
SERA1311 Dark Tan Satin
Very Fine Salsera Series
Manufacturer number
SERA1311 Dark Tan Satin
3.0 lbs
Sheila Brown

comfortable heel

Very happy with the look and comfort of this shoe. True to size. Very walkable shoe considering the heel height of 3 inches. I'm a beginner but used to wearing heels.


Tricky Sizing but Great Shoe

I had to send back my first pair. I ordered my size (10) with the 2.5 heel. The shoe was a full size bigger and the heel looked too stubby. I went a SIZE DOWN (runs big) and a heel higher (size 9 and 3 in). Took a little getting used to, but I use the shoe to perform and it looks so good. I'll order this shoe again.