SERA1609 Black Satin

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Item number
SERA1609 Black Satin
Very Fine Salsera Series
Manufacturer number
SERA1609 Black Satin
3.0 lbs
Krystle Gautreau
Rating: 3

The rhinestones on the shoes are trimmed in white and are very tacky & cheap looking. Huge disappointment there. The first time I wore them I got horrible blister on both big toes & in the back of one heel. Weeks later they are almost healed & I have still been using bandaids & mole skin as a barrier. I wear these in my salsa dance class so for that, they are decently comfortable. They are def made well and very sturdy. The heel height is comfortable & doesn't irritate My joints. 

Alicia Martinez
Rating: 5

dress heels

These are the most comfortable dress heels I have ever purchased.Thank you for your excellent selection and service.