SERA16612 Dark Tan Satin

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Item number
SERA16612 Dark Tan Satin
Very Fine Salsera Series
Manufacturer number
SERA16612 Dark Tan Satin
3.0 lbs
Tamara Cummings
Rating: 5

Great shoes

 This is my second time purchasing the very fine brand shoes. They are great shoes for dancing and training.  They rub a little bit on the top of my big toes and give me blisters but only because they’re brand new and fit tight at first. After they get worn in a little they’re very comfortable. The soles are cushy and the straps are super easy to buckle. They fit true to size and go with everything. Love these shoes! 

Sylvia Reed
Rating: 5

great look

These look great, fit well and are as comfortable as 3 inch heels can be. I highly recommend.