SERA6012 Dark Tan Satin

Average rating: 4.5 / 5





Item number
SERA6012 Dark Tan Satin
Very Fine Salsera Series
Manufacturer number
SERA6012 Dark Tan Satin
3.0 lbs
Luba Brin
Rating: 3

do not fit the same as 6012 Brown Satin

These shoes are good looking, but do not fit the same as 6012 Brown Satin which is the same style just different color. I have many pairs of 6012 Brown Satin and always were able to wear them directly on my feet right out of the box without any issues and they are VERY comfortable. Unfortunately, SERA6012 Dark Tan Satin gave me blisters and they are not as comfortable. Not sure why this difference between same shoe with different color.

Rating: 5

Great Peformance Shoes

I only used this shoes for performances and so far, so good. Feels really stable.

Giselle Louis
Rating: 5

Get lots of compliments all the time

These shoes are very cute and look marvelous with dressy clothes. I have received a good number of compliments on these shoes