CD2001 Dark Tan Satin

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Item number
CD2001 Dark Tan Satin
Competitive Dancer Series
Manufacturer number
CD2001 Dark Tan Satin
3.0 lbs
Elizabeth Sierra
Rating: 5

competition shoes

I do ADORE these shoes, the fit is great. Comfortable right out of the box. No break in period.

Maria Ortiz
Rating: 5

overall great buy

The shoes were a little narrow for me, but I wore them around the house with thick socks for a little while and they were much better. Wore them out for an evening with my husband and after 5 hours my feet felt great. Easy to walk around in as well. Glad I bought these

Claudette Antuna
Rating: 5

love love

My feet are on the narrow side and barely fit into a 6. However, I found these to be a perfect fit. I did not have a problem with my heels slipping out or anything like that They are such a classic and elegant shape, but they can be striking.

Anny Ning
Rating: 3

Lovely, but tight heel cup

I liked the style, but the back of the shoe that wraps around the heel is extremely narrow and chafed the inside of my foot. The fabric there was also very stiff and, because my heel was wider than the back of the shoe, it forced my foot forward and made an awkward gap in the back and forced my toes over the edge (not a problem I've ever had with other shoes; my heels are a pretty narrow to begin with). It might grow softer as it's broken in, but I didn't want to deal with the chafing and returned it. Very pretty design and soft cushioning, though -- apart from the heel cup, I liked the style overall

Lola Balboa
Rating: 5

I love these shoes!

Great fit and very comfortable for dancing. Ordered mine in size 7.5.