Plastic Heel Protectors

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Plastic Heel Protectors
6.4 oz
Rating: 5

Plastic Heel Protectors for Very Fine Latin Shoe

It fit perfectly into my 2.5" heel classic style latin shoe from the Very Fines shoe. Very easy to put it into the heel. Made from a very sturdy plastic and won't easily break. I have been using it for about 1 month now and it is still in good condition. This is the cheapest price that I could found online. Love it!

Rating: 5

No Complaints

Works great, no complaints.

Kristen Marie
Rating: 5

Love These

For some reason I used to always really wear down my heels to the point that they would become rounded and almost non-existant (salsa dancing). Ever since I tried these heel protectors, I''ve loved them and won''t dance in on another pair of heels until I get these on them. They do add a bit of height (like millimeters) but they''re super great for grip and making my heels last. Love ''em!

Jennifer Tabor
Rating: 5

Will NEVER have another pair of shoes without them!

I purchased a pair of heel protectors AFTER the sueade heel pad of one pair repeatedly fell off, while dancing. NOW, I won''t order another pair of shoes without ordering them. Thanks for another great product!

Taylor Gallaher
Rating: 4

Good product

Good heal protector. I wouldn''t recommend with a 3" heal though because it makes the heal so tall that it''s difficult to rise and fall in dances such as bolero.