CD2804 Tan Satin

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Item number
CD2804 Tan Satin
Competitive Dancer Series
Manufacturer number
CD2804 Tan Satin
3.0 lbs
Nancy Smith
Rating: 5

Get as many as you can now... they may soon be extinct.

In a world where subtle sensuality, maturity, elegance, and poise are rapidly disappearing, these shoes stand alone as utter perfection in all these categories. The tan satin with rhinestones is among the most beautiful things you could ever put on your feet.

Rating: 3

Too narrow, but pretty!

I liked the look of these, but sadly they were too narrow for me. I do have a wide toe box area, and these were way too tight in the toe box. My orthotics did not fit inside the shoes at all (whereas they do fit in other dance shoes of the same size by the same company). Returning.