SERA1605 Tan Satin & Flesh Mesh

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Item number
SERA1605 Tan Satin & Flesh Mesh
Very Fine Salsera Series
Manufacturer number
SERA1605 Tan Satin & Flesh Mesh
3.0 lbs
Aleksandra Divitkina
Rating: 1

Worst dance shoes ever!

These shoes are the worst in my 20 years practice. They are not comfortable at all, the satin is really rigid, they hurt my feet. I got 8 corns on my feet trying to dance in those shoes. You can't enjoy dancing when it hurts, so please don't buy them! Don't waste your time and money. I've been told I can't return them, so these shoes will go to trash.

Candy Nelson
Rating: 5


These shoes are amazing. I can not wear heels - they make me miserable, but these I can wear all day long and walk comfortably. If you're a flats person looking for a comfortable pair of heels I highly recommend