2009 Black Leather

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Item number
2009 Black Leather
Very Fine Classic Series
Manufacturer number
2009 Black Leather
3.0 lbs
Aaliyah Garg
Rating: 5

Love this pair

These are the most comfortable dance shoes I have EVER owned. I had foot surgery at the tender age of 20, and am now 50, and I rehearsed in these shoes for over two hours the first time I wore them. I totally forgot about my feet, given there was no pain. I've already ordered another pair

Elise Carter
Rating: 5

Happy I got these.

These shoes really made the diference if you plan to party... I danced all night in my birthday party and felt so comfortable.

Ariana Motomura
Rating: 5

First pair of dance shoes

My daughter reports that she loves them, and that she was surprised at the difference they made to her dancing (she is taking her first class).