CD9421DB Black Leather

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Item number
CD9421DB Black Leather
Competitive Dancer Series
Manufacturer number
CD9421DB Black Leather
3.0 lbs
Pat Wynn
Rating: 5

These shoes are gorgeous --

a work of art. Also super comfy. I have to stand all day at work so it's great to have a great pair of shoes that is so comfortable. Very Fine have done it again.

Jimmy Scully
Rating: 5

well made shoes

good quality as expected for competitive dancing shoes!

Hubert Lai
Rating: 5


After a year and a half of use, I still love this shoe! It looks great and feels great. It has kept the style going for a long time, and I think it will last a while more.

Ted Chang
Rating: 5

modern yet traditional

fell in love with these shoes, gives me plenty of support!

Stuart Munson
Rating: 5

great dance shoes

had a formal event I needed to go to and needed dance shoes ASAP! These were perfect and loo very classy. My fiancee loves them