SERA6030 Pearl Fuchsia

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Item number
SERA6030 Pearl Fuchsia
Very Fine Salsera Series
Manufacturer number
SERA6030 Pearl Fuchsia
3.0 lbs
jalum armazanduk
Rating: 3

Different color

I'd order this shoes a few years ago and they were perfect ,beautiful ,vibrant color ,just as pictured... unfortunately they broke and I'd reorder them ,hoping to have those beautiful shoes back,sadly for me ,the color is not the same anymore, now it's pink and not pearled like they used to be :( ... (quality looks about the same )

Letycia Camarena
Rating: 5

my cute pink shoes

color is lovely, my regular street size fit great!

Vivian Tran
Rating: 5

cute and comfortable

really like the style, able to wear them for 4-6 hours and my foot feels secure. No complaints

Priscilla Walker
Rating: 5

picture perfect

ordered about 10 pairs for my dance group and all the ladies loved them. Matched great with our costumes.

Barbara German
Rating: 5

These shoes are comfortable .These are great, and I plan on ordering another pair in another color