5008 Black Leather & Cuban Heel

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Item number
5008 Black Leather & Cuban Heel
Very Fine Classic Series
Manufacturer number
5008 Black Leather & Cuban Heel
3.0 lbs
Rating: 2


These shoes are very cute and sexy with all the straps. However, there is no way to adjust the straps over the ball of the foot. The result for me is that the straps rub and I can tell that if I wore them for over an hour I would be getting a blister. I would not purchase these again.

Rating: 4


At first when I purchased these shoes I was unsure if I would be able to keep them because they were very tight (and I like a tight dancing shoe!). I wore them around the house a bit though and they stretched out some so I kept them. However, after wearing them out for one night of dancing they stretched out a considerable amount more. I love everything about them (1.3" cuban heel lets me move much more freely and the ankle straps hold in my narrow heel very well), but the straps that secure the ball of my foot are pretty loose and it is distracting when I dance. I saw a more expensive version of this same shoe on this site and I think the straps may be made of a more stretch-resistant material. Knowing what I know now I would have given the more expensive shoe a chance.

Rating: 5

marketing manager

I normally wear between a size 9 - 9.5, and I ordered a size 9 in these shoes. They fit very well, and required hardly any breaking in. I wore them out dancing the first week I had them, and did not get any blisters or hot spots. Having a lower heel really allowed me to let loose and dance naturally, while still looking elegant!