VFSN016 Black Suede

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Item number
VFSN016 Black Suede
Very Fine Dance Sneakers
Manufacturer number
VFSN016 Black Suede
3.0 lbs
Rating: 5


I ordered this and got them within a week I like ordering from this site because is in the USA and don't have to wait weeks for my shipment like I had been in the past when I ordering from other sites this shoes are very nice and comfortable I love them!!!

Flor Montoya
Rating: 5

these fit as expected

so so so comfortable. I feel like im walking on clouds!

Jazmine De La Torre
Rating: 5

worth every penny

really cute and comfortable

Vanessa Real
Rating: 5

I was NOT dissapointed

I loooove these shoes! They fit great and feel great. My feet do not get tired