SERA7017 Copper

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Item number
SERA7017 Copper
Very Fine Salsera Series
Manufacturer number
SERA7017 Copper
3.0 lbs
Araceli Doronila
Rating: 4

SERA7017 Copper

Shoes fits well and look beautiful for performance. I will highly recommended this shoes.

Griselda Mendoza
Rating: 5

will be buying in other colors!

bought these shoes to wear to my sisters wedding and after she saw my shoes she instantly wanted to switch shoes with me. Her bring the bride and me being the loveling sister I gave in and switched shoes with her lol

Diana Sanchez
Rating: 5

beautiful and true to size

offers good support and shoes feel real comfy. My husband loved the way they looked on me.

Giana Tonic
Rating: 5

really nice looking shoe for the price

I got a regular size 6 (which is my true shoe size). I was afraid they were going to fit me big but they were just right. Shoes look lovely and I love the color.