SERO101BBX Black Leather

Average rating: 5 / 5





Item number
SERO101BBX Black Leather
Very Fine Salsero Series
Manufacturer number
SERO101BBX Black Leather
3.0 lbs
Rating: 5

Nice shoes

Very comfortable. True to size. Looks great with casual or dressy outfits.

Alan Ruiz
Rating: 5

Great feeling shoe!

I've yet to use them in a class but I like the feel of them on. At first I was hesitant about ordering shoes online, but they are perfect.

Jacob De Anda
Rating: 5

I love these shoes.

They're not only very lightweight and super comfortable, but they are a very nice style.

Robert Lynn
Rating: 5

Great style

This is a wonderful dance shoe. Gives lots of support but is light and flexible.

Hector Chang
Rating: 5

Easy shoe easy life!

This is comfy and it is meant for dancing.It feels nice from the inside out and it works great!