6005 Brown Satin & Cuban Heel

Average rating: 4.5 / 5





Item number
6005 Brown Satin & Cuban Heel
Very Fine Classic Series
Manufacturer number
6005 Brown Satin & Cuban Heel
3.0 lbs
Rating: 4

Latin Dancer

This is a great starter/basic shoe, especially if you''re ordering for a team. It''s very affordable and fits the average person well. The color is actually not as light as we expected from the image, and ends up matching much better with the average skin tone than we thought it would. The material is a little stiff, so it might irritate/blister your foot more than some other shoes, but for the price, that''s to be expected.

mary williams
Rating: 5


Over the years I''ve loved this shoe so much that I''ve ordered it four times! Not only is it comfortable yet sleek and beautiful,its neutral color elongates the appearance of the leg. A compliment to any outfir, this shoe has won so many kudos that several of my friends and dance associates have ordered it as well. Recently, I splurged a little and got it in black too. It''s a great shoe!