C1670C Black Leather

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Item number
C1670C Black Leather
Very Fine C Series
Manufacturer number
C1670C Black Leather
3.0 lbs
Teresa Correa
Rating: 5

great fit

I was a bit worried about whether these would hold up being vegan, but so far they have done great

Jane Griffith
Rating: 5

vegan options is the way to go

They're very comfortable and yet attractive. They are also vegan - not leather. I'm buying at least one other pair of the same style!

Martha Chang
Rating: 5

signed up for email subscription and received a discount. Waiting for a new code to order more.

Received an additional discount for this item after signing up for mailing list. Love the shoes and will definitely purchase again once I receive another discount code.

Iris Bae
Rating: 5

Reasonable priced.

My daugther, a vegan, is on her second pair from this company and loves them. She says they are so comfortable.

Stevie Goan
Rating: 5

True to size as well.

These are the 2nd pair of shoes I got like this...I feel like i'm walking on clouds. The fact they are vegan makes them even better!