1720FT Tan Satin

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Item number
1720FT Tan Satin
Very Fine Classic Series Flat Heel Edition
Manufacturer number
1720FT Tan Satin
4.0 lbs
Rebecca Dargartz
Rating: 5

flat heels for dance!!

Love, love, love these! So comfortable and they go with everything! Who said low heels aren't sexy?

Patricia Morrow
Rating: 5

No more sneakers for practice! I wear these which look so much more femenine.

Very comfortable shoes that don't need breaking in. They replaced my sneakers that I wore for practice. I was shopping for sneakers and came across these which I am glad I did!!!!

Quetzali Munoz
Rating: 5

Incredibly comfortable, very cute.

Love these shoes, they are so comfortable. I have bought several more pairs in different colors. I recommend them to anyone who wants a comfortable and stylish shoe.