6819FT Flesh Satin

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Item number
6819FT Flesh Satin
Very Fine Classic Series Flat Heel Edition
Manufacturer number
6819FT Flesh Satin
4.0 lbs
Lea Kank
Rating: 5

I prefer a low heel because I'm older.

Loved these shoes almost like a flat. !They broke in at my normal size after 2-3 wears.

Martha Pierce
Rating: 5

Will exchange for a higher heel.

Unfortunately, it's TOO flat for me. I need some heel lift for comfort. Otherwise, this shoe is perfect. Comfortable, and super feminine.

Susi La Jolla
Rating: 5

good fit

They are so comfy & fit like a glove! I didn't have to break them in. Worn twice so far and they good so far.

Dylana Segovia
Rating: 5

Good practice shoes for me.

WOW these are probably the most comfortable practice shoes I've tried on. They actually have support!