SERA7036 Black Patent

Average rating: 4 / 5





Item number
SERA7036 Black Patent
Very Fine Salsera Series
Manufacturer number
SERA7036 Black Patent
4.0 lbs
Rating: 4

Sexy shoe, slightly disappointing heel

The four strap style is great! It's sexy and also feels very supported and secure--I never feel like my foot is slopping around in these shoes. The soles are also very nice with more padding than a performance shoe so, though you might not be able to get quite as killer a toe point, they re wicked comfortable for long nights of social dancing. My only disappointment with these shoes is the shape of the heel. I dance in 2.5" because of my height but the shape of the 2.5" heels available with this shoe makes them look very low (and much less sexy) than other comparably tall heel shapes. Overall, a good buy but I would love to see this shoe offered with the Signature Series 2.5" heel.