1675 Black Leather & Black Mesh

Average rating: 3.5 / 5





Item number
1675 Black Leather & Black Mesh
Very Fine Classic Series
Manufacturer number
1675 Black Leather & Black Mesh
3.0 lbs
Hector Rivas
Rating: 5

For a shoe with a heel, these are very comfortable

! I was able to wear them all night, including dancing, at a wedding with no discomfort. Good lookin', too

Rating: 2

Good design, but not enough support

This pair has a sleek design, but the ball of the shoes will lose the support after one use (or a couple uses), so you need to add padding. Once the front part starts get weak with supporting your feet, you start to feel wobbly with the heels as well. But for the price, it's not too bad.

Beginner Dancer
Rating: 3

Not bad for the price

The mesh part stretches out pretty fast - it stretched out after two uses (2 hours each - total 4 hours). The structure of the shoes is not too strong. But the design is very nice.